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Mysql state invalidating

but really, this looks mostly like a case of the actual thread status being misreported, and your issue is insufficient disk I/O bandwidth for the workload (or excessive flushing).

Try Alon, you seem to be making lots of different accounts, which is making editing your question harder.

You should contact the help centre via the link at the bottom of the page, to ask for your multiple accounts to be merged.

Master : Row Based : ================== ------------ | version() | ------------ | 5.5.17-log | ------------ 1 row in set (0.00 sec) -------------------------- ------------------- | Variable_name | Value | -------------------------- ------------------- | binlog_format | ROW | | date_format | %Y-%m-%d | | datetime_format | %Y-%m-%d %H:%i:%s | | default_week_format | 0 | | innodb_file_format | Antelope | | innodb_file_format_check | ON | | innodb_file_format_max | Antelope | | time_format | %H:%i:%s | -------------------------- ------------------- 8 rows in set (0.00 sec) Slave : Statement Based : log_Slave_updates = off. */; [email protected]@session.character_set_client=33,@@session.collation_connection=33, @@session.collation_server=33/*! If you are constrained for disk performance, you should probably have the slave's binary logging disabled unless it's on its own set of platters.

id=38551In short, in all My SQL versions before 5.5 , the query cache mutex is acquired even if query_cache_size=0 and query_cache_type=OFF : always!

We lately mved to My SQL V5.5 on Cent OS release 6.7 with master and 2 slaves.

Since then the replication process lags a lot behind the master with the line in the process list of: invalidating query cache entries (table).

If I understand correctly, every insert or update will clear the cache for that table?

That's what my searching online has found, I don't know if that's true though or if I should be regularly reseting the cache.

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