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In our dataset, it is only represented by inherited zircon cores from younger granitoids; (2) Two TTG samples from the Goudplaats–Hout River gneiss unit and the Duiwelskloof area yielded emplacement ages of ~2950 Ma.This magmatic event is very widespread in the whole Pietersburg block, and we propose that it represents an important period of crustal growth linked with the accretion of the Pietersburg block to the northern edge of the older nucleus (ca.There are many stages of getting to know a person and sometimes the path to intimacy includes learning about life with a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis (MS).is most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 — often prime dating years.Unsuccessful analyses are due to poor quality rutiles with predominant common Pb, Pb-method’ (using the Tera-Wasserburg diagram) to correct for substantial common Pb in very young and/or very low-U rutiles, rather than developing an on-line correction.Since rutile ages reflect mainly the time of cooling, rutile is a sensitive recorder of metamorphic thermochronological information and therefore is an excellent complement to detrital zircon U 480 Ma, with only a few grains or metamorphic rims reflecting Miocene metamorphism); as such rutile provides complementary information about the thermal events within the source regions of the grains.Get dating advice and anecdotes from our very own Match bloggers on all things relationships!

In order to unravel the late-Archean magmatic evolution of the northern Kaapvaal craton, we performed LA-ICP-MS U–Pb isotopic analyses on zircon grains from 15 granitoid samples of the Pietersburg block, including tonalitic and granodioritic gneisses (TTG) as well as weakly to not deformed high-K monzogranites, granodiorites and diorites.

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Our new age data, coupled to already published results, show that the Pietersburg block is schematically made up of two lithologically and chronologically distinct domains, namely (1) gneiss units that cover most of the surface of this terrane and comprising the formerly defined Goudplaats, Hout River, Groot Letaba gneisses as well as the so-called “Duiwelskloof batholith”, where crust formation and reworking took place between 33 Ma; and (2) late-stage high-K plutons and batholiths that emplaced at ~2780 Ma and ~2690 Ma.

In details, the tectono-magmatic evolution of the Pietersburg block can be divided into five successive episodes: (1) The first crust-forming event is related to the emplacement of juvenile TTG magmas in the range 3150–3350 Ma.

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Hout River shear zone) and granulite-facies metamorphism that both occurred in the same time.

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