Intj female dating

If they think you're not worth their time, they won't try to push you away, they'll just completely ignore you.

INTJs enjoy thinking about theories, and tearing them to bits, not because they disrespect them, but because they like pointing out what would work and what wouldn't.

There are other types that outperform INTJs in IQ tests (for example, INTPs), but I would venture to say that in all the ways society chooses to acknowledge ‘intelligence’, INTJs as a group outclass just about everyone else.

Sure, other types outclass them in intra- and introspective intelligences, and of course kinesthetic/body awareness intelligence.

Their ability to perceive deep patterns and causal relationships has helped many achieve eminence in science, mathematics, medicine, or other INTJ careers.

Otherwise known as “the mastermind,” the INTJ is naturally attuned to “the big picture” and cannot help but see how everything is interconnected.

While INTJs may be relatively unaware of how others perceive them, their “other-worldliness” often earns them labels such as quirky, awkward, nerdy, or oblivious. Commonly called "The Scientist." Often seen as arrogant, aloof, or haughty, but in fact, INTJ's just don't give a shit what you think about them.They value facts and logic above all else, and scorn illogical reasoning. INTJs’ dominant function is Introverted Intuition (Ni). In order to better understand how INTJs approach dating and romantic relationships, it is necessary to consider the potential impact and implications of their four primary personality functions (Ni, Te, Fi, Se).

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For the above to reasons, the biggest insult you could give to an INTJ would be to completely ignore their theories; it means they're not even worth the effort of considering.

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