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In any case, plus-size women naturally face a conundrum in the dating marketplace, simply because they aren’t regarded as society’s idea of beauty. Plus-size women are by no means blind to this reality.

Now, beauty is personal to each individual who’s judging what beauty means to him or her. In the same breath, they are somewhat naïve to their perceived handicap in dating.

Those are 3 strikes against a female when looking a suitable lover and potential long-term mate. A woman on the verge of infertility [menopause] does NOT and CANNOT wield the same influence in dating as a girl in her sexual prime!

The younger the woman, the more bargaining chips she can afford to play with, and the more leverage she wields in dating and mating.

So here are 10 quick points to help you get the best out of him: Choose guys who want the kind of life you want.

This piece is Wagatwe Wanjuki’s second dispatch from the front lines of her romantic life for the #Its Totally Me dating series, which follows Establishment writers Wanjuki and Katie Klabusich as they utilize professional matchmakers and the insights of various experts to get to the bottom of their perpetual singledom.

You can read the series’ introductory post Thanks to everyone who braced themselves and read my first update, ‘Am I Just Not Attractive Enough To Date?

Now I know you don’t want to be dragging your guy along on a leash like a dog who has to be trained into good behaviour (or maybe you do, in which case, many enjoyable age-restricted websites are available).

But what if you could a guy to be his best self around you?

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When I shared this finding with one Christian man I know who is still looking for a wife, he looked troubled.

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