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Give six advantages of validating research instruments

Specifically, he will present the characterization of peripheral neuropathy in translational animal models such as the ZDSD rat Join the speakers to discover ways to leverage the digital transformation in pharma to stimulate greater and faster recruitment as well as improve patient and research data harmonization and exchange.

- The speakers will share insight into how their joint, consultative approach to drug development can help in understanding the absorption and clearance characteristics of a drug substance and how these properties will influence dose prediction and selection of an appropriate formulation strategy - The speaker will share his experiences in developing PCI’s serialization technology platform, along with developing and executing PCI’s strategy for supplying commercial serialized products to domestic and emerging markets across the globe - In this webinar, speakers will demonstrate live the power of real-time clinical data insights and analytics, and what this means for clinical trial conduct and for clinical trial management activities - Viewers will learn how sponsors and CROs that implement clinical payments solutions are benefiting from increased control over study cashflow, improved operational efficiencies, and better compliance cancer pharmacology models, what to consider when choosing the proper model, and how these models are used to investigate combination regimens of multiple immuno-therapies and immunotherapeutics combined with other treatment modalities, which correspond to current clinical investigations Joseph M.

Replicating and extending findings on the link between values and “dark” personalities. Somma, A., Fossati, A., Patrick, C., Maffei, C., & Borroni, S. The three‐factor structure of the Levenson Self‐Report Psychopathy Scale: Fool's gold or true gold?

A study based on Italian nonclinical adult participants.

Sebastian Reiche, IESE Business School, University of Navarra Prof. Second version, 26 June 2007 A revised and substantially expanded version of this white paper is published in In contrast to what the wealth of textbooks on conducting empirical research seem to indicate, the actual research process is quite messy in nature.

Anne-Wil Harzing, University of Melbourne © Copyright 2007 B. In fact, it can be viewed “as a set of dilemmas to be ‘lived with’; and […] as an effort to keep from becoming impaled on one or another horn of one or more of these dilemmas“ (Mc Grath, 1982: 69).

Subsequently, we describe several research practices to cope with these challenges, structuring our discussion along the various stages of the research process.

Compared with domestic research, international cross-cultural research faces additional methodological challenges that, if not properly addressed, may considerably increase the risk of inferential errors (Singh, 1995).

Steven Whittaker, Executive Director, Avoca Quality Consortium, Senior Consultant, The Avoca Group Ellen Kelso, Senior Consultant, The Avoca Group Kristin Mauri, Global Head – Risk Based Monitoring, Bioclinica Dr.

- This webinar featuring one of the US’s foremost cancer researchers as the speaker, will discuss cancer as a chronic disease and how researching cancer under this new archetype is adjusting the way in which clinical oncology trials are conducted and how cancer patients are treated - Through a case study with PTC Therapeutics, the speakers will discuss the challenges of entering a new disease area for the first time, the balance of achieving the right size global organization to meet the customer population and the considerations for proceeding independently with a global launch rather than partnering - This webinar will focus on the changing landscape around outsourcing and key reasons why sponsors may wish to take a fresh look at relying solely on the CTMS and RBM systems of their CROs, especially in terms of efficiency - In this webinar, Dr.

Tom Snowden will demonstrate why model reduction methods are a potent and necessary tool in the modeler’s arsenal, can be applied to QSP models, and used to extract scientific and business insights from complex models - This webinar will help viewers understand the most recent and significant regulatory shifts in China and Japan including new product classifications, how to successfully prepare for the process of category registration, the best-fit submission framework to reduce development costs and expedite market introduction timelines, and identify the appropriate development strategy for optimal results - In this webinar, the speaker will present vascular and neural complications in rodent models of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Indeed, the literature emphasizes that constructs and concepts may entail culture-specific attributes and meanings which need to be explicitly taken into account to ensure sound interpretation of cross-cultural data (Peng, Peterson, & Shyi, 1991).

In a similar vein, there is evidence that the language of the questionnaire affects the way respondents answer the same question which argues against the use of single-language surveying (Harzing, Maznevski, & country collaborators, 2002).

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Are pathological narcissism and psychopathy different constructs or different names for the same thing?

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