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Sales, Zanoah, born 02 August 1997, died 15 March 2014 in Bakersfield, California Our Remembrance Zanoah you are surely missed, i just hope you found the peace and the love you were so longing for.. Young, Katie, born 22 October 1993, died 28 October 2016 in Houston, Texas Our Remembrance Katie was a light in everyone's dark you always, Walker, Rhenae M., born 23 November 1993, died 21 September 2010 in Virginia Our Remembrance If we only knew! We had to let you go, but we will never let your memory DIE! We all just wish she would've let us be the light in hers. Rivas, Michael Anthony, born 19 December 1989, died in La Quinta, California Our Remembrance Michael i will love you and miss you forever. Your absence leaves so much sadness and emptiness in my heart. Rest In Peace my precious son Davis, Jonathan, born 30 September 1982, died 12 January 2011 in Martinsville, Virginia Our Remembrance Not a single second of every day goes by that you are not thought about.Barber, Joshua Glenn, born 30 April 1979, died 02 January 2017 in Longview, Washington, USAOur Remembrance My beautiful Lowrider79 You are missed and loved more than you could have ever imagined. I am counting the days until we are together again. If only we could have held you here a while longer long enough to receive the help your mind needed. Yo u only wanted to beachcomb 24/7 and feel the sun on your body while you searched unendingly for the ever elusive sharks teeth, and be anywhere near a body of water, as that was where you could find peace.You cherished your 7-year-old son and 18-yr-old daughter and never would have wanted to leave them.Whether they will then attach themselves to our Union or not, is not to be predicted with any certainty.

Our lives ended the same day yours did just in a different way. I am comforted with knowing you will be there waiting for me on the other side and we can be together again. I saw beyond the stigma associated with the way your life ended, as I understood how real your pain was.But that great work, colossal as appears the plan on its first suggestion, cannot remain long unbuilt.Its necessity for this very purpose of binding and holding together in its iron clasp our fast settling Pacific region with that of the Mississippi valleythe natural facility of the routethe ease with which any amount of labor for the construction can be drawn in from the over-crowded populations of Europe, to be paid in the lands made valuable by the progress of the work itselfand its immense utility to the commerce of the world with the whole eastern coast of Asia, alone almost sufficient for the support of such a road ...If you have any information at all, please e-mail me. There is some indication that these boys were born in North Carolina. My father went overseas in 1946 and that is where he met and married my mother. I know hallie and mary-kate Jonson they live in florida USA same az u i see!!They would have been born during the time period of Dec. I am searching for these boys as I would like to meet my half brothers. I also have a birthmark on my left little finger, but my twin may not have this. I've known them a few yrz, ure an auntie because Hallie has twin babies called Lewis and chloe they are 1, hal mk are 16 nxt month i fink! mail hallie [email protected] visit their website Amanda London, UK - Tuesday, May 25, 2004 at (EDT) I'm looking for Hallie and Mary-kate Jonson.

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She had a smile that could light up a whole room, and a sense of humor to match. The inner torment you suffered with for decades had to end.

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