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A wildly popular You Tube video featuring a scantily clad "Obama Girl" -- with no connection to Barack Obama's campaign -- criticizes Rudy Giuliani for marrying his cousin. Giuliani Girl," a follow up to their successful video "I got a crush on Obama," which featured Amber Lee Ettinger lip-synching a song about the Democratic presidential candidate.

In the debate video, another dancer is introduced and the two argue about the merits of their respective candidates.

I know that sometimes a dream is just a dream, but recently I dreamt about my ex out of the blue.

In the dream, we were really happy, like we used to be.

And while rumours continue to swirl that the lyrics mocked former One Direction star Zayn's sexual prowess, one of his younger cousins, Sasha Malik, appears to be quite a big fan of the tune.

Sometimes dreams can point you towards a place that you would never have thought to go.(Think of your son/daughter marrying your cousin's daughter/son.) Giuliani at different points labeled the family connection as "second cousins once removed" and "third cousins," before he was corrected, according to news reports. Robin Bennett, senior genetic counselor at the University of Washington, said little scientific research exists about the risk of developmental difficulties for the offspring of second cousins.In a 1993 memo for his mayoral campaign, a Giuliani strategist noted the "weirdness" factor of the marriage, according to a copy posted on the Smoking Gun Web site. But she said, "for second cousins, the risks are likely similar to the risks of couples from the same ethnic population who also may have common ancestors." Giuliani and Peruggi did not have any children, and the marriage ended after 14 years.Describing his behaviour as 'extremely out of control' and detailing his 'paranoia, lies and stealing things' and that he was 'violent' Ms Tinecheff told the Seven Network Cousins had also used drugs in front of her.She said he had stalked her repeatedly in the lead up to his jail sentence.'He would just turn up at my house in the middle of the night, banging on the door,' she said.

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At one point, Obama Girl raps, "Giuliani Girl, just stop your fussing, at least Obama didn't marry his cousin." We find Obama Girl's claims are accurate.

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