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Afterwards, the penis might be swollen and bruised and appear bent.

If you think this might have happened, you need to contact your doctor. Add a comment Please note we cannot answer your questions directly. Share your stories, tips and solutions here to help others tackle it, move on.

The only serious risk is that very vigorous masturbation can break the spongy tissue within the penis (that has filled with blood during the erection).

This causes a sharp pain and often a cracking sound, like breaking a corn stalk, and the erection wilts.

Although people often feel guilty about masturbation, it has many good aspects.

Of course, people may not tell the truth on questionnaires about intimate subjects such as masturbation; the females in these surveys might have felt embarrassed about admitting how often they masturbated.

What you want—a mostly monogamous relationship with a woman and periodic jerk-off sessions with other men—isn’t “crazy.” The hiding and the lying are what’s wrong, not the desire itself.

Had you brought this desire up sooner in your relationship, she might have happily indulged your relatively low-risk interest. Either way, she has the right to make that decision for herself.

These warnings were quite untrue – masturbation does none of these harms.So if you plan on using your penis later, set an alcohol limit early on in the night. This is called hematospermia or hemospermia and it's usually not cancer, says Fisch.This could be a one-time thing or a persistent problem, and while it usually goes away on its own, you probably want to check with a doctor if it continues.As all comments are moderated, there will be a delay before your comment appears.Comments on this article Posted by Optional on 18/06/2017 at Is it harmful to masterbate more then once in a day?

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